‘The Highway in the Sky’ focuses on The Mancunian Way, and the areas that disperse off of it. The road has adapted to the landscape of the city, carving its way through an ever changing environment. But yet side by side the road and the city work concurrently, almost harmonically, to morph together to create the landscape we see. The road is the main focus in this as along the journey the city is ever changing and always will be. Whether it’s a new property development situated nearby The Mancunian ways infamous ‘Stub Ramp’ or a crumbling knitwear office abandoned in a state of despair being demolished with bold danger signs. To maybe a more minor adjustment that being a slight change to a set of traffic lights, the landscape varies dramatically, but yet the fundamental appearance of the road remains natural. Sort of as if the area in which The Mancunian way consists within can be viewed as being built up around it. Themes related to the landscape and adaptation, place and space and presence are questioned throughout this body of work.